Saturday, October 13, 2012

One down, three to go!

The goal is to have four matching dresses sewn before the end of November.  (My membership at JCPenny's runs out the end of November and I really want a family picture taken and I like matchy-matchy.)

This is Simplicity 5827, size 3.  I've now traced this in all sizes.  And sewn it in just 4 sizes.  I like the pattern, except there's something funky about Simplicity sleeves - I just don't have luck with them.  I can get them in okay, but it always takes some very careful manipulation.

So - G's dress is now done.  I've learned that if I sew in all my "spare time" I can finish a dress in one week.  That does NOT include the cutting out of the dress.  Just the sewing.  I'm guessing it was about 5- 6 hours of actual sewing and pressing time.  I suppose I don't have to define "spare time" - but here it is: all the time gleaned by cooking poorly thought-out meals, by having the girls do housework unsupervised, by not reading to the girls as much, etc.  You get the idea :)

 Sleeve detail - those buttons (same as on the front of the dress) are TINY! I measured and they're about 1/4".  Very hard to manage.

 Showing off my nearly perfect centered zipper.  This is the first centered zipper I've done in quite a while.  But it went in perfectly.  It was the topstitching that I had to rip out and do over.  And I still have some ripples - I steamed the life out of it, but some stubborn ripples still remain.  The top also didn't line up quite correctly - but G moves around a lot, so I'm pretty sure those imperfections won't be noticeable to the majority of people.

Next up: more of the same!! Assuming I get some free time next week :)  We have plans to go on a field trip, butcher (dress) 21 chickens, there's a book sale I really want to go to,  plus do all the normal things we do.  We'll see....

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  1. What a cute dress! I love the sleeve detail, and the two fabrics idea - I'll have to try that! :)