Monday, April 15, 2013

What have I been up to???

Well, quite a bit, actually.  We finally got over all the sicknesses, colds, etc.  And now we're normal...I think!

Here's a run down on the sewing-related things I've gotten done.  Some of them.   I can't find pictures for a couple of things that I'm sure I've sewn since January.

Using this book by Sandra Betzina     I made a puppet theater for the girls' Easter  present.  (Instead of candy).

The theater hangs on a tension rod in a doorway.  This is the back (the performer's side) of the theater.

 Here's a detail of the corners, with the curtain held out of the way.

And a picture of the front.

It's made with felt - and even though I used my walking foot to sew on the red strips (for stabilizing of the windows) it rippled some.  I'm annoyed at that, but there's no way I'm ripping it out and doing it over!!! 

Sandra's instructions didn't include curtains, but I didn't want what was in the background to be seen by the audience, so I dreamed up a way to include curtains.  I'm really glad I did.  They work perfectly.  And the red stabilizing strips on the back serve as a clue for where to stick the puppet in front of the curtain.

The girls were tickled with it (H, C, and G more than O).  And I also made a bag to keep it in (along with the puppets- which I did NOT make.  I'm getting smarter in my old age - keeping things easy to clean up and store...I forgot to take a picture of the bag.  I'm also getting forgetful in my old age!!!)

I made G a skirt:
 You'll notice we're typical homeschoolers: hair not combed and socks don't match! *L*
And in case you haven't figured it out, those are high heels.  White with black polka-dotted high heels.  Mom bought the fabric!

And, O got a new dress for Easter.

And H's doll got a skirt and blouse.
I've got a more casual dress cut out for O.  Plans of a dress for H.  I've got a dress cut out for the doll.  I think that's all.  


  1. You have been busy! I guess it's okay you haven't managed to update in a while :) Everything looks great! Wish I could sew as quick!


  2. I'm impressed! I STILL have the fabric for a skirt for Beans sitting on my sewing table. *Sigh!* Maybe next month.

    Unmatched socks are cool! :o) Even my highschoolers wear them that way.


  3. I just read your comment on my blog from November about The Bernina sewing machine. Sorry I am just now seeing it. How awesome that you are sewing on the same machine that your mom sewed your clothing on! And that we have the exact same machine, binder, samples, everything! I'm really enjoying mine too. It sews so smoothly. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Thanks for visiting & commenting on my blog. Odd socks, unbrushed hair, mismatched clothes...I totally understand.